Cirque Musica presents Holiday Wishes, a new high-flying acrobatic family show, will tour from Nov. 20 to the end of the year with stops across the country.

Produced by TCG Entertainment, Cirque Musica has been a staple of the family show holiday season for the last 10 years.

“Every year we retheme the holiday show so it’s fresh for the audiences,” said Steve Cook, president and CEO of TCG Entertainment. “Last year it was Cirque Musica presents Wonderland. The year before that it was Cirque Musica presents Believe. Before that came Cirque Musica presents Holiday Spectacular.”

“Each year is a brand-new show,” Cook said. “A new repertoire and all new acts. We do that because we repeat a lot of venues and we are an annual tradition. It’s holiday music, an orchestra on stage, and a big cast. The show is very theatrical.”

Cook started his family show career at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and then moved on to the Dallas Symphony.

For Cirque Musica, he said, “I merged two worlds together.”

About 70% of the dates are booked in arenas and the rest are in theaters, but Cook pointed out that the theaters on the route are large ones. “We’re playing The Theatre at Grand Prairie in Texas, a 6,000-seat theater, and The Palace Theater in Columbus, Ohio, holds over 2,800 people,” he said.

It will take three trucks and several buses to move the new Cirque Musica holiday extravaganza around the country. The show has a 35-person cast. The acts come from the U.S., Eastern Europe and Ethiopia.

“We get the best acts from around the world,” Cook said. “The cast arrives on buses. We’ll carry about half a dozen musicians with us and the conductor as well.”

Load-in only takes a morning. Tech rehearsals start at noon of that day and then the local orchestra in each market shows up at 3 p.m. for a two-hour rehearsal.

The tour will rehearse at Angel of the Winds Arena before the Nov. 20 world premiere. Major market stops will include Dallas, New York, Seattle and Tampa, Fla.,  before the tour winds up at Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, Calif., on Dec. 29.

The show is scheduled to play 29 shows but more are being added, Cook said.

The show is directed by Antoinette DiPietropolo. The sets are designed by D.T. Willis and the costumes by Tristan Raines.

Tickets are $35-$65. There is are $85 VIP tickets available, limited to 100 people. VIP guests will get light refreshments and a special performance from a few cast members. There will also meet-and-greet opportunities and merchandise.

In addition to the other Cirque Musica shows — “Heroes and Villains,” a sci-fi themed show, and “Crescendo,” a classical show — TCG has 10-plus shows out or coming soon, including “MasterChef Junior Live” and “4U: The Music of Prince with Symphony.”

“Our business is in three buckets,” Cook said. “We have the symphony shows; the family shows; and we’re working on musical experiential experiences for 2020.” Cook did not elaborate on the new projects.

“In the future we are looking to break into other genres,” added Cook. “Our musical show business is very strong and we’re ready for non-musical shows.”

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