Cirque Musica is one of the largest Cirque companies in the world with multiple productions on tour. Cirque Musica is produced by TCG Entertainment.

Cirque Musica takes audiences on a journey to a faraway land of dazzling beauty, mystery, and thrills. Cirque Musica blends the grace and power of the world’s greatest circus performers with fantastic live music. Audiences are treated to a full sensory experience that will have them on the edge of their seats and in awe of the beauty, thrills, and majesty, that is Cirque Musica.

Cirque Musica productions include: Crescendo, Heroes & Villains, Maestro, Symphonic, Holiday Wonderland, and Holiday Wishes.


About TCG Entertainment

TCG Entertainment is the industry leader in the creation, production, booking and marketing of live entertainment productions and events. TCG has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry with a focus on symphonic, family, music, and other live touring properties.  Current and past productions include multiple productions of Cirque Musica, MasterChef Junior Live!, 4U: The Music of Prince with Symphony, A Night of Symphonic Hip Hop, A Night of Symphonic Rock, REWIND-Celebrating the 80s, and more.

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